white  / grey  / blue  / brown  / black

brush availability:

PRO35/ PRO45: white – soft / grey – residential / blue – standard / brown – stiff commercial / black – extra stiff

TM3: black – soft / white – standard / brown – stiff

TM4: black – soft / grey – residential / white – standard / brown – stiff

TM5: white – standard / brown – stiff


STIFF BROWN BRUSHES – Commercial use ONLY. Require Break in Period before use. To do this: install brushes on machine and run machine for 3 minutes on wet concrete. Failure to break in Brushes could result in breaker tripping or machine encountering difficulty on start up.

EXTRA STIFF BLACK BRUSHES – Tile or Concrete use ONLY. These Brushes are NOT for use on carpet. Severe damage will result if used on carpet. ONLY for use on Tile, Concrete or other suitable hard surface.


Carpet Varieties & Brush Recommendation

Level Loop




Recommended brush: Standard / Stiff

Cut Pile




Recommended brush: Standard / Stiff





Recommended brush: Soft





Recommended brush: Soft

Cut – Loop




Recommended brush: Standard

Neddle Felt




Recommended brush: Standard / Stiff

Renovator-Technology for dry and wet soil removal

On carpets:
For removing the dry soil and the dirt ladden compound

On hard floors:
For collecting the dirty water

NatraDri Compound

check mark 23x20 02Works like a natural soft sponge
check mark 23x20 02 Dissolves and soaks up the soil
check mark 23x20 02 Green Clean
check mark 23x20 02 Easy To Use
check mark 23x20 02 Traps carpet soil in compound
check mark 23x20 02 98% organic and natural
check mark 23x20 02 Ideal for traffic lane & partial
check mark 23x20 02 No drying time