NKapper is an excellent encapsulating pre spray and spot remover. This product can be used alone as an encapsulation solution, or as a pre spray when using Natradri compound. Encapsulants work by dissolving the soil and suspending it within a crystalline film on the carpet fiber. This film then dries and is removed by subsequent vacuuming. The result is an instantly clean carpet with no residue to cause resoiling. It can also be used full strength for tough spots and no worries.

The dilution rate depends on the function you need. For pre spraying applications, 5-10 ounces per gallon of water works great. For really tough traffic lanes, a half and half mix works great. If you have some tough spots that don’t respond to these, apply full strength in a hand held sprayer for great results.

1 Product – 3 Jobs

Spot Remover

Apply the nKapper undiluted to a clean tissue.

Moisten the stain with the tissue.

Dab the dissolved stain away with a clean part of the towel.



Mix 10 ounces of nKapper concentrate to 1 gallon of water and then brush it into the carpet pile with the driStar carpet cleaning machine.

As the carpet is brushed, the loosened soil will be coated & encapsulated.

The encapsulated soil particles are held in suspension within the crystalized cleaning agent until they are recovered – leaving a clean, fresh, new-looking carpet.

Prespray for NatraDri Compound

Mix 5 ounces of nKapper concentrate to 1 gallon of water.

Spray onto the soiled areas and stains.

Use enough product to moisten the carpet, but do not soak it.

Then sprinkle the natraDri compound onto the carpet and brush in with driStar machine.

The nKapper loosens the soil which is then trapped in the natraDri compound.

NatraDri Compound

check mark 23x20 02Works like a natural soft sponge
check mark 23x20 02 Dissolves and soaks up the soil
check mark 23x20 02 Green Clean
check mark 23x20 02 Easy To Use
check mark 23x20 02 Traps carpet soil in compound
check mark 23x20 02 98% organic and natural
check mark 23x20 02 Ideal for traffic lane & partial
check mark 23x20 02 No drying time