Interim cleaning is a term used to describe the process of “quick” appearance cleans between deep cleans.   For example, if you normally deep clean twice per year but sustain enough coffee spills or foot traffic to warrant more cleanings, you can prescribe monthly or quarterly interim cleans that only address the high traffic areas and keep the appearance level acceptable.  This will keep the carpet looking great throughout the year. It also becomes much easier to clean when its “deep” cleaning time.   This process also extends the life of the carpet by removing the dry soil more often.   Since it is considered a lighter clean, the most widely used method to accomplish this is with an encapsulation solution such as nKapper.

Brush Out Dry Soil

Prior to chemical application, dry soil removal can extract almost 75-80% of the overall soil in the carpet. This step also lifts the pile and prepares the fibers for chemical application.

Attach Renovator catch trays to the front and rear of machine

Brush carpet in multiple directions throughout entire area to be cleaned without cleaning agents applied.  For best results, brush using a north-south/east-west or zig zag pattern.  Pay special attention to traffic lanes.

Pre Spray with nKapper

After dry soil removal, lightly mist nKapper solution onto all soiled areas. Spray just enough to moisten the fibers, do not soak.

For traffic lanes and spots, apply a little heavier.

Avoid applying to an area beyond 150-200sf.  The area of cleaning must remain moist for best results.

Brush in nKapper

Attach dust covers to front and rear of machine.  This keeps the chemistry on the carpet. (No Renovators)

Brush areas in multiple directions. Ideally a N-S/E-W or Zig Zag pattern for best results.

Brush all areas to be cleaned.

NatraDri Compound

check mark 23x20 02Works like a natural soft sponge
check mark 23x20 02 Dissolves and soaks up the soil
check mark 23x20 02 Green Clean
check mark 23x20 02 Easy To Use
check mark 23x20 02 Traps carpet soil in compound
check mark 23x20 02 98% organic and natural
check mark 23x20 02 Ideal for traffic lane & partial
check mark 23x20 02 No drying time